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Gabriela Herz, Christiane Carstens, Lisa Kreuzer in ›Nie wieder schlafen, G 1992, directed by Pia Frankenberg
© Deutsche Kinemathek / Pia Frankenberg Musik- und Filmproduktion

Selects – the streaming program of the Kinemathek

Informationen zu unserem Streaming-Programm

Four times a year, we present a program of our films, which you can watch here for free for three months.

Berlin Drifters

Selects #1 | 30 Jun–30 Sep 22

Berlin is a city for young people and a perpetual haven for fortune-seekers, outsiders, bohemians and film-makers. The promise of happiness in the big city regardless of your background, running into like-minded people and bypassing propriety and the law is reflected in our selection of Berlin films. If Paris is the city of flaneurs, Berlin is the natural habitat for drifters. The city’s layout and public spaces invite you to go with the flow.

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