Retrospective 2009: 70 mm – Bigger than Life


Gabriele Jatho (ed.):
70 mm – Bigger than Life

Deutsche Kinemathek – Museum für Film und Fernsehen
Bertz + Fischer Verlag, Berlin 2009
Bilingual edition (German/English)
166 pages, 109 photos, 19.90 euros

For many cineastes, 70 mm is far more than just the designation of a film size. Its large-format images combine high resolution, sharp picture and colour quality with overwhelming sound quality. 70 mm represents a unique kind of harmony, a code signifying cinema’s true potential: a singularly impressive experience for both the eye and the ear. This book is about the history and technical development of wide-gauge film. It contains an essay and glossary by Gert Koshofer, a comprehensive list of 70 mm film titles (with commentaries in some cases) covering productions from the USA, the USSR and Europe. There is also a data section, with detailed filmographic information and contemporary film criticism, documenting all the films in the Retrospective “70 mm – Bigger than Life”.


Rainer Rother: Size Matters. Vorwort [Foreword] | Gert Koshofer: Von Todd-AO bis Panavision Super 70 [From Todd-AO to Panavision Super 70]. Zur Geschichte des Breitfilms [A History of Wide-Gauge Film] | Gert Koshofer: Von Agfacolor bis Wonderama. [From Agfacolor to Wonderama]. Glossar [Glossary]|Gabriele Jatho und Gert Koshofer: Von BILLY THE KID bis SAMSARA [From BILLY THE KID to SAMSARA] 70-mm-Filme [70 mm Films] | Klaus Hoeppner: Von BARAKA bis WOINA I MIR [From BARAKA to VOINA I MIR]. Die Filme der Retrospektive: Daten und Kritiken [The Films in the Retrospective: Filmographic Details and Reviews] | Hinweise [Notes] | Register [Index].

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