Things to Come

Science · Fiction · Film


30 June 2016 to 14 May 2017

How will we live in the future? Although science, economics and politics attempt to predict possible developments using statistics and other forecasting techniques, the science fiction genre in the cinematic realm continues to boom. In feature films, such as DISTRICT 9 (ZAF|NZ|USA, 2009) or INTERSTELLAR (USA|GB, 2014) and television series such as ÄKTA MÄNNISKOR | REAL HUMANS (SWE, 2012–14) and EXTANT (USA, 2014–15), the near or more distant future is visualized and transformed into stories. Science fiction films impress their audiences through imaginative and elaborate sets, cleverly devised sound designs and awe-inspiring special effects. Numerous science fiction films concern themselves with threats to human existence, as, for example, wars and a scarcity of resources, or totalitarianism, surveillance and control. And the subject of space travel is just as topical today as it was in 1969, the year of the first landing on the moon, due in large part to the planned expedition to Mars. Space travel has inspired the futuristic visions of countless filmmakers. Science fiction films also always say something about the time in which they originate. What are we afraid of? What do we hope for? And – since movies have long had a knack for portraying “things to come” – where has reality actually caught up with the future?

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