Exhibitions 2014

Bigger Than Life. Ken Adam’s Film Design

11.12.2014 to 17.05.2015
Exhibition Poster ...and Action! Pentagram Design, Berlin

… and Action! How are Films and Television Made?

An Exhibition for Children from 4 to 14 years

29.05.2014 to 26.04.2015
„Baby-Dinosaurier”, Design: Jim Danforth, WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH (UK 1970, directed by Val Guest), photo: Deutsche Kinemathek / Georg Simbeni

70,000 Years Just Like One Day

Alexander Kluge’s Current Work for Television Films,
Plus an Installation – A Place of Enchantment

04.04.2014 to 27.07.2014
Poster The Unseen Seen

The Unseen Seen. Film in a New Light

23.01.2014 to 27.04.2014
Poster Licht und Schatten

Light and Shadow. On the Film Set of the Weimar Republic

23.01.2014 to 27.04.2014
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