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Auf Scheißer schießt man nicht

FRG, 1969, directed by Hansjürgen Pohland, 89 min, rated: 18

Men with big mouths and fast cars doing shady deals. Jan and his friends live in a commune on a houseboat. ‘Never arrive, just drift’ is their motto. They have turned their backs on the establishment and carry out small scams to keep afloat. When young college dropout Claudia joins their crew and spurs the men on to do an armed robbery, things gets out of hand. With mostly amateur actors, improvised scenes and observational camera shots, director Hansjürgen Pohland portrays a young, maladjusted generation drifting off into crime.

Featuring: Jan George, Claudia Bremer, Nikolaus Dutsch, Edgar Froese


This film includes scenes some people may find disturbing. If you would like more information, please read the content warnings in the overview below.

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