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School Trip

Klassenfahrt, G 2002, directed by Henner Winckler, 86 min, rated: 12

Ronny and Isa, both 16 years old, go on a class trip to a Polish Baltic Sea resort with their Berlin schoolmates. While introverted Ronny has feelings for Isa, she quickly becomes friends with Polish Marek. A tense dynamic develops between the three, which soon results in disaster. Henner Winckler’s debut work, an example of the “Berlin School” style of filmmaking, offers a sensitively staged insight into the lifestyle of young people caught up in first love, dares, and jealousy.

Featuring: Sophia Kempe, Steven Sperling, Bartek Błaszczyk, Maxi Warwel, Jakob Panzek, Fritz Roth, Gordon Schmidt, Mathias Liefeldt, Florian Thiele, Anne Schröder

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