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G 1991, directed by Michael Klier, 86 min, rated: 0

Elfi lives in a detention center for refugees in recently reunified Berlin. To raise some cash, she joins the young Pole Darius in petty criminal activities. During one of her forays, she meets Edmund, a boy of her age, who has been left behind in East Berlin by his parents. Together, they try to free themselves from their predicament and decide their own path. Michael Klier’s film takes viewers to a cold, colorless Berlin after the fall of the Wall, a wasteland full of ruins.

Featuring: Laura Tonke, Miroslaw Baka, Suzanne von Borsody, Henry Marankowski, Steffan Cammann, Gustaw Barwicki, Beatrice Manowski, Sophie Rois, Lutz Weidlich, Michael Krause

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