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The Allround Reduced Personality – ReduPers

Die allseitig reduzierte Persönlichkeit – Redupers, FRG 1978, directed by Helke Sander, 98 min, rated: 6

In this portrait of a single mother in Germany, press photographer Edda and her colleagues prepare a photo exhibition about Berlin while she also juggles the care of her young daughter. In doing so, she repeatedly comes up against the hardship of the subsidized art scene and elitist attitudes in the art world. With its unique visual signature, the film reflects Berlin as a divided city – both in moving imagery and still photography.

Featuring: Helke Sander, Joachim Baumann, Andrea Malkowsky, Ronny Tanner, Gesine Strempel, Gislind Nabakowski, Gisela Zies, Helga Storck, Frank Burckner, Eva Gagel, Abisag Tüllmann

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