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This video is part of a previous streaming program and unfortunately no longer available online.

Berlin — Schönhauser Corner

Berlin – Ecke Schönhauser, GDR 1957, directed by Gerhard Klein, 82 min, rated: 12

East Berlin’s answer to ‘Rebel Without A Cause’. A group of 16- and 17-year-olds meets every day under the subway arch on Schönhauser Allee, restless for more independence outside the confines of life at home with their parents. Dieter is looking for freedom on the streets, Kohle is running away from his permanently drunk stepfather, Karl-Heinz has already done his first shady business deal, and Angela has to move out of the way when her mum’s boyfriend comes over. After being accused of manslaughter, Dieter and Kohle flee to West Berlin, where a tragic accident occurs.

Featuring: Ekkehard Schall, Ilse Pagé, Harry Engel, Ernst-Georg Schwill, Erika Dunkelmann, Helga Göring, Maximilian Larsen, Ingeborg Beeske, Siegfried Weiß, Manfred Borges

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