Ken Adam, Source: Deutsche Kinemathek – Ken Adam ArchiveBigger Than Life. Ken Adam’s Film Design

Sir Ken Adam is one of the most innovative and most influential production designers of our times. His sets for Stanley Kubrick’s DR. STRANGELOVE (1964) and the James Bond films from DR NO (1962) to MOONRAKER (1979) – all spectacular and trendsetting designs in equal measure – have written film history. >> more


… and Action! How are Films and Television Made? An Exhibition for Children from 4 to 14 years

How is a film for the movie theaters created? What happens in a news studio? What are the processes that lead up to a news broadcast, what happens behind the scenes of a casting show? Children will learn about these aspects in seven sections of the exhibition. >> more


Stachow-Filmer, Berlin 1922, Leo Stachow, Source: Deutsche Kinemathek - SammlungenPermanent Exhibition

A journey through film and television history encompasses cinema’s pioneering years, silent film divas, movies made during the Weimar Republic and under National Socialism, Marlene Dietrich, film professionals in Hollywood exile, the postwar years, and contemporary German cinema, as well as developments in television in East and West Germany and great moments in broadcasting history. >> more

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