70,000 Years Just Like One Day

In his most recent television work, the author and filmmaker Alexander Kluge traces the history of human civilization in conversations with scientists and thinkers. Select contents from this series, as well as an installation with exhibits from the archives of the Deutsche Kinemathek, can be viewed in the Museum für Film und Fernsehen. >> more


Light and Shadow

On the Film Set of the Weimar Republic

The exhibition is a journey of discovery situated within an especially creative phase of German film history. Films such as NOSFERATU, METROPOLIS, DER BLAUE ENGEL and DAS CABINET DES DR. CALIGARI set new standards in cinematographic expression.  >> more


The Unseen Seen

Film in a New Light

Reiner Riedler, a photographer and scholar of visual culture, attempts an unusual balancing act with his photographic concept “The Unseen Seen”: By reducing photography and film to their materiality, they become one and merge into a single work of art. >> more


Permanent Exhibition Film

A journey through film history: from the pioneering years, to silent-film divas and the films of the Weimar Republic; from cinema under National Socialism, exile in Hollywood to the post-war years and contemporary cinema; and at the heart of the exhibition: Marlene Dietrich. >> more


Permanent Exhibition Television

The Permanent Exhibition Television completes the profile of the Filmhaus at the Potsdamer Platz, making it a comprehensive “house of moving images”. Visitors are able to experience great moments in broadcasting history as well as how the medium developed in East and West Germany. >> more

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