Homage: Honorary Golden Bear for Meryl Streep

The two-time Academy Award winner Meryl Streep is regarded as one of the world’s most talented and popular actresses. She has received 16 Oscar nominations and an unprecedented 25 nominations for the Golden Globe Award which she won seven times. Meryl Streep depicts a great spectrum of characters, changes effortlessly from dramatic to comedy roles and works in numerous film genres with distinguished directors.
Her international breakthrough came in the late 1970s with Michael Cimino’s THE DEER HUNTER (Berlinale Competition 1979). She received her first Oscar for her performance in the divorce drama KRAMER VS. KRAMER (USA 1979, Robert Benton). Her second Academy Award came for SOPHIE’S CHOICE (USA 1982, Alan J. Pakula).
She played in Woody Allen’s romantic comedy MANHATTAN (USA 1979), portrayed a very committed union activist in SILKWOOD (USA 1983) by Mike Nichols, and Tania Blixen in Sydney Pollack’s screen epic OUT OF AFRICA (USA 1985). Her first comedy role came in Susan Seidelman’s SHE-DEVIL (USA 1989).
In the drama THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY (USA 1995) she played alongside Clint Eastwood who also directed the film. Leading roles followed in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA (USA 2006,  David Frankel), Robert Altman’s A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION (Berlinale Competition 2006) and the political thriller LIONS FOR LAMBS (USA 2007, Robert Redford). Meryl Streep again proved her great versatility in the musical comedy MAMMA MIA! (USA, UK, Germany 2008, Phyllida Lloyd).
In her latest role Meryl Streep stars in Phyllida Lloyd’s THE IRON LADY (United Kingdom, 2011), a fictional portrait of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. This film will be shown at the Berlinale Palast on February 14, 2012 alongside the presentation of the Honorary Golden Bear Award to Meryl Streep for her lifetime achievement.

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