Gabriele Jatho (ed.):
Ingmar Bergman. Essays, Films and Reviews
Deutsche Kinemathek
Berlin: Bertz + Fischer 2011
Bilingual edition (German/English)
247 pages, 116 photos, 22.90 euros
ISBN 978-3-86505-208-7

Ingmar Bergman. Essays, Films and Reviews: In five introductory essays, Marion Löhndorf illuminates Bergman’s great themes: “search”, “artist”, “faith” and “relationships”, as well as the close entwinement between his “life and work”. Contemporary reviews document the diversity and vitality of the Swedish, German and English-language reception accorded this remarkable director and thus the enormous impact of an œuvre in which Ingmar Bergman repeatedly fell back on a seasoned team of artists and technicians. The principle of continuity also played a major role in his choice of subject matter. One can, therefore, also view Bergman’s œuvre as an integrated project: as a unique cinematic tapestry composed of self-referential quotes, reflections and inversions – “of motifs and hidden cross-references that are consciously repeated” (Löhndorf). The book also contains a comprehensive filmography, as well as rare film stills and behind-the-scenes photos.


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