Between 2007 and 2010 the Deutsche Kinemathek – Museum für Film und Fernsehen pushlished Recherche Film und Fernsehen (RFF) twice a year. The journal ensured the continuity of FilmGeschichte, the Kinemathek’s previous journal published from 1991 onwards.
The topics in Recherche Film und Fernsehen reflected the Deutsche Kinemathek’s key fields: the media history of film and of television. The journal also examined current events, productions and trends. RFF explored the interface of contemporary history, film and television history, and hence what occurs between the conflicting priorities of aesthetics and technology. Each issue not only had its own theme, but also included a number of regular columns, such as “Blick von außen” (View from the Outside) and “Fundstücke” (Finds). Festival reports, book and DVD reviews were available under “Nachbetrachtet” (Re-Viewed).

The first issue with the focus “Nachspiel DDR” (Aftermath of the GDR) was published in early May 2007 by the Berlin publishing house Bertz + Fischer. The second issue with the focus "Medien: Kompetenz – Konsum – Vermittlung" followed in October 2007.

Published in April 2008, the third issue of RFF focusses on “The Year 1968”. In personal recollections and analyzing reports, the events of that year are reflected with regard to their impact on film and television history. Alongside an interview with Georg Stefan Troller, the issue includes articles by Helma Sanders-Brahms, Helke Sander, Peter Whitehead, Ulrich Gregor, Nicholas John Cull, and others.

The fourth issue of RFF (October 2008) exams the challenges posed by the Olympic Games as a media event for film, television, and the Internet. It includes an interview with Heinz Florian Oertel, as well as articles by Stefan Drößler, Erhard Ertel, Christoph Huber, Andreas Hüneke, Claudia Lenssen, Sonja M. Schultz, and Peter Schwirkmann.

The fifth issue (April 2009) focusses on "Film Archives and Digitalization", including articles by Michael Althen, Alice de Andrade, Stefan Drößler, Barbara Flückiger, Kay Hoffmann, Rick Prelinger, Sonja M. Schultz, and Michael Töteberg.

The sixth issue (October 2009) focusses on „Film-Medizin", including articles by Rolf Aurich, Ramón Reichert, Steffen Strobel, Hubertus Breuer, Michael Tsokos, and Kathi Gormász.

The last double issue No. 7 + 8 (June 2010) with the focus „Vom Ausstellen“ assembles articles by Henri Langlois, Klaus Kreimeier, and Manuela Ammer as well as interviews with Wolfgang Klaue und Alexander Horwath.

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Since 2005, the Deutsche Kinemathek has ceased publication of FilmExil – a journal with essays about the emigration of German film artists between 1933 and 1945. Individual issues are, however, still available through Edition Text + Kritik.

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