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The Making of F. W. Murnau’s TABU: The Outtakes Edition

Due to its unique historical context, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau’s last feature film TABU (USA 1931) is an especially informative case study for the preservation of audiovisual cultural assets. In addition to the different versions of the film, an inventory exists of approximately 17,500 meters of film: alternative and/or unused film footage; the so-called outtakes.
The Edition of these Outtakes offers new insights into the process of creating a film. The combined representation of moving images, text and image sources provides users of this website with individually configurable access to the materials, while revealing new means for the preservation, presentation and utilization of audiovisual cultural assets. >> more

Werner Herzog Collection

The Werner Herzog Collection has been located at the Deutsche Kinemathek since 2009. It comprises more than 16,000 negatives, slides and prints related to films from all the creative periods of the director’s career – from Herzog’s first feature film LEBENSZEICHEN (SIGNS OF LIFE, FRG, 1968) to his television series DEATH ROW (USA, 2012). Numerous images have not previously been published. A selection can now be found in the online gallery. >> more

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