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Temporary Closing of the Film Archive and Film Distribution Services

The Film Archive and Film Distribution Service will be closed from July 1 – September 30, 2018, due to extensive inventorization and related work on the archives and film distribution collections. During this period we will not be able to offer a number of regular services to either in-house or outside users, including the loan of copies, screenings, film excerpts, copying and digitization. Replies to inquiries and requests will be subject to much longer delays. Requests for copies and materials for use during the temporary closing period must be submitted by June 1st so that they can be processed before the archives close.

Exceptions to this closing: The DEFA Film Distribution Service will maintain its services without restrictions.


The Deutsche Kinemathek’s Film Distribution Service contains more than 17,000 film titles – national and international productions from 1895 to the present – which are available in diverse formats for screenings in cinemas and at film festivals.

The collection includes films from the early years of cinema, silent film classics and socially critical films of everyday life in the 1920s, avant-garde films and mainstream West German entertainment films, works from the 1970s and 1980s by German women directors, as well as the entire collection of DEFA films. More than 10,000 works comprise the latter: film productions by the DEFA Studio, film classics from former socialist countries, as well as short documentaries and copies of the series called Der Augenzeuge. Moreover, the inventory includes films from the circle of signatories of the Oberhausen Manifesto in 1962, works by important television documentarians, and all of the films produced by the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB, German Film and Television Academy Berlin); among which are political films by early classes of students, as well as works made by the “Berlin School.” Another focus of the collection is dedicated to films produced by companies in Berlin.

A large number of copies of films, as well as an extensive video archive, are available for viewing for research purposes. On request DEFA films may be viewed at the Bundesarchiv (federal archive).

Fees for screenings and excerpts made from copies are calculated according to the rates established by the Deutsche Kinemathek.

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