General Information

The Deutsche Kinemathek's archives contain c. 13,000 film titles – national and international productions from 1895 up to the present. Approximately 3,700 titles in this collection have been preserved; these are available for on-site viewing or can be borrowed for research purposes or non-commercial screenings. Another 27,000 titles are available on video and can be viewed on location.

Major focuses of the Film Distribution collection are early international cinema films, German and international classics until 1945, movies by German-speaking filmmakers in exile, films dealing with Berlin and documentaries from the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Deutsche Kinemathek has only tracked down the film rights and drawn up agreements for the films in the Film Distribution department. For all other titles, permission must be secured by the borrower (The name of the rightsholder can be obtained from the department.). Films from the Film Distribution department can be borrowed in 16mm or 35mm formats or looked at by appointment at the viewing table. Viewings for dissertations about film are free of charge; otherwise 15 euros is charged per hour.

Borrowing film prints of normal length costs between 50 and 150 euros. Information about the exact fees can be received per telephone. If you want footage from our prints, you have to pay 2 euros per meter and a fee of 20 euros per hour.

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