Mediathek Fernsehen

One of the tasks that the Deutsche Kinemathek has set itself is to convey the history of German television to the general public. In keeping, selected broadcasts from the earliest days of television to the present are available for viewing in the Mediathek Fernsehen (Television Media Library).

Media are recorded from current television programs with the approval of the broadcasting stations or are provided by the program archives. At this time, we would like to thank everyone who has or who continues to contribute so that the program collection itself can steadily increase.

More than 9,300 TV broadcasts from seven decades and both halves of Germany are now available. The media offerings are accessed via a database, which functions with keyword searches and also provides background information.

We regularly offer special presentations on specific subjects, which in each case fall under six criteria that introduce television broadcasts either in clips or full length, and make it possible to watch individual films, reports and commentaries, as well as other shows. Visitors can experience all of the individual components of a special presentation through the screenings provided at all six stations of the Mediathek Fernsehen.

Further possibilities to access our program collection are found on the right side of the screen:

The Forum Deutsche Fernsehgrößen (Forum for German Television Greats) introduces featured television professionals (directors, actors, producers) with short biographies and a selection of films.

The Forum Fernsehformen (Forum for Television Formats) uses examples to show the development of TV formats and genres (series, shows, live reports, etc.).

In our Curator’s Choice section, the staff at the Deutsche Kinemathek have compiled their own personal program tips for visitors.

With Zuletzt gezeigt (Last Shown) the user can call up the compilations of preceding special presentations.

The category Über Fernsehen (About Television) provides insights into broadcasts in which television itself is a central theme.

The button Freie Suche Mediathek (Media Library Free Search) takes the user to the database of the program collection.

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