Ufa – The History of a Brand

2010 – 2017

For some time now, TV content hasn’t only been coming to houses in a linear program. It can be accessed on an individual basis via the computer – material can be streamed regardless of fixed broadcasting hours. Because of that, UFA, now part of a worldwide media giant, has been producing and developing with an eye more and more to the international market, occasionally even filming directly in English. Aside from German network partners, potential clients now include Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube. 

To better position itself within a global competition, UFA reorganized its subsidiaries and divided them into four “units,” each with an English name. Instead of made-for-TV movies for ARD and ZDF, production is now geared towards series like DEUTSCHLAND 83 (2015, directed by Edward Berger / Samira Radsi) and blockbusters like DER MEDICUS (2013, directed by Philipp Stölzl). A unit exclusively producing content for digital media has been in operation since 2009: UFA LAB. At the same time, the UFA brand – in cooperation with Bertelsmann – remains conscious of tradition: once a year since 2012, UFA Film Nights have been presenting old silent film classics under the skies of Berlin and other cities.

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