Ufa – The History of a Brand

1950 – 1969

The laws passed to break up the Ufi concern were undermined in West Germany, likely with the support of Konrad Adenauer’s government. From the fragmentation of the film studios and cinema park to the decreed ban on the Ufa name, ultimately none of the key initiatives found long-term implementation. Instead, Universum Film AG was re-incorporated, privatized, and recommenced producing films under the rhombus logo in 1956. Deutsche Bank once again supplied the founding capital. Among the leadership and the creative personnel, there were multiple hold-overs from the Nazi era. 

Despite all the restructuring, post-war Ufa didn’t fare well during the cinema crisis of the late 1950s: by that time, television had become the new medium to watch. In 1964, Ufa was sold to Bertelsmann, whose initial interest was in the incidental music rights. With Ufa Film- und Fernseh-GmbH, however, they were set to invest in a new market.

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