Exhibitions 2015

Poster Best Actress - Oscars®, Roles and Images, Design: Pentagram, Berlin

Best Actress

Oscars®, Roles and Images

10.12.2015 to 01.05.2016
Deutscher Filmpreis - Lola, source: Deutsche Filmakademie

Deutscher Filmpreis

The Lola in the Museum für Film und Fernsehen

19.06.2015 to 11.10.2015

Bigger Than Life. Ken Adam’s Film Design

11.12.2014 to 17.05.2015
Exhibition Poster ...and Action! Pentagram Design, Berlin

… and Action! How are Films and Television Made?

An Exhibition for Children from 4 to 14 years

29.05.2014 to 26.04.2015
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