Film:ReStored_03. The Film Heritage Festival

On October 25–28, 2018 the third installment of the film heritage festival “Film:ReStored” will take place at the Filmhaus on Potsdamer Platz, a special event organized by the Deutsche Kinemathek for the Kinematheksverbund (association of German cinematheques).

Digitally restored films will be screened across four days, in part as premieres. Lectures and workshop reports dedicate themselves to questions about the digitalization of film heritage. The third edition of Film:ReStored will address the interplay of film and television archives within the traditions of dealing with film heritage. Without the contributions of television, German film history since the 1960s would look considerably different. Much of what became possible in New German Cinema is also owed to the engagement of individual TV editors, who have continuously supported such works over decades and who have had an influence on both careers and developments in the genre. It seems all the more necessary to consider television and film history together and to develop cooperative strategies to bring dormant treasures back to life on screen. Some of these will be shown again for the first time as part of the Film:ReStored_03 program.



Thursday, 25 October 2018, Kino Arsenal


5:30 pm Welcoming Remarks
Rainer Rother, Artistic Director of the Deutsche Kinemathek


Opening Film
ENGELCHEN (LITTLE ANGEL), Director: Helke Misselwitz, DE 1996, DCP, OV w/ Engl. sub, 94 min. Guest: Helke Misselwitz


8:30 pm Film
DIE BLEIERNE ZEIT (MARIANNE AND JULIANE) Director: Margarethe von Trotta, FRG 1981, DCP, OV, 107 min. Guest: Margarethe von Trotta



Friday, 26 October 2018, Kino Arsenal


10:00 am Lecture
Film History in Television Archives, Television History in Film Archives. Martin Koerber and Klaudia Wick (both Deutsche Kinemathek)


10:30 am Lecture (in English)
The BFI National Archive—a National Film and Television Archive. Kieron Webb (British Film Institute, London)


11:30 am Panel Discussion
Network Producing, Programming, Archiving
Beate Scherer (ZDF), Claudia Tronnier (ZDF / Das Kleine Fernsehspiel), N.N. (WDR), Barbara Buhl (former WDR). Moderator: Martin Koerber (Deutsche Kinemathek)


12:30 pm Break


2:00 pm Film
WOLFSBURG, Director: Christian Petzold, DE 2003, DCP, OV, 90 min.


3:30 pm Conversation
Television and Film Education
Christian Petzold (Filmmaker) and Rainer Rother (Deutsche Kinemathek)


4:30 pm Workshop Report
Film Heritage on Broadcast Copies
Thomas Worschech (Deutsches Filminstitut, Frankfurt a.M.)


5:00 pm Film
ENDSTATION LIEBE (TWO WORLDS), Director: Georg Tressler, FRG 1958, DCP, OV, 84 min.


8:00 pm Award Ceremony for the Prize of the Association of German Cinematheques. Followed by Reception
Location: Deutsche Kinemathek, Filmhaus, Event Room, 4th Floor


9:30 pm Film
SHIRINS HOCHZEIT (SHIRIN’S WEDDING), Director: Helma Sanders-Brahms, FRG 1976, DCP, OV w/ Engl. sub, 120 min.



Saturday, 27 October 2018, Kino Arsenal


11:00 am Conversation with Film Excerpts
Who’s Afraid of the Dark? DER ZAUBERBERG. A Comparison Between TV Version and Theatrical Release
Hans W. Geißendörfer (Filmmaker) and Klaudia Wick (Deutsche Kinemathek)


1:00 pm Break


2:00 pm Panel Discussion
The Archive as Goldmine for Television Documentaries?
Noemi Schory (Belfilms, Tel Aviv), Michael Hollmann, Adelheid Heftberger (both Bundesarchiv, Koblenz/Berlin). Moderator: Rainer Rother (Deutsche Kinemathek)


3:00 pm Film
SHTIKAT HAARCHION / GEHEIMSACHE GHETTOFILM (A FILM UNFINISHED), Director: Yael Hersonski, IL/D 2010, 35mm, OV w/ Engl. sub, 91 min.
Introduction in English: Noemi Schory (Belfilms)


4:45 pm Workshop Report
Film Heritage on Television. The New Version of DER GEIGER VON FLORENZ (THE FIDDLER OF FLORENCE) as Case in Point
Nina Goslar (ZDF/ARTE) and Anke Wilkening (Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation, Wiesbaden)


5:30 pm Film
DER GEIGER VON FLORENZ (THE FIDDLER OF FLORENCE), Director: Paul Czinner, DE 1926, DCP, OV, 82 min.


8:30 pm Film
DISTANT VOICES, STILL LIVES, Director: Terence Davies, UK/FRG 1988, DCP, OV, 83 min.
Introduction in English: Kieron Webb (BFI)



Sunday 28 October 2018


11:00 am Film
DER KLEINE PRINZ, Director: Konrad Wolf, GDR 1966/72, DCP, OV, 77 min.
Introduction: Thomas Beutelschmidt (Media Historian)


2:00 pm Film
FLUCHTWEG NACH MARSEILLE (ESCAPE ROUTE TO MARSEILLE), Part 1, Director: Ingemo Engström, Gerhard Theuring, FRG 1977, DCP, OV w/ Engl. sub, 90 min.
Guests: Ingemo Engström, Gerhard Theuring


4:00 pm Film
FLUCHTWEG NACH MARSEILLE (ESCAPE ROUTE TO MARSEILLE), Part 2, Director: Ingemo Engström, Gerhard Theuring, FRG 1977, DCP, OV w/ Engl. sub, 120 min.


8:00 pm Film
ALLES AUF ZUCKER! (GO FOR ZUCKER—AN UNORTHODOX COMEDY), Director: Dani Levy, DE 2005, 35mm, OV, 90 min.
Introduction: Barbara Buhl (former WDR)



Broadcasting stations, which include other European countries as well, can act as (co-)producers or provide a stimulus for films that have an influence on European film history. How archives deal with film and television heritage is regulated very differently nationwide and throughout Europe. In a FIAF lecture, Kieron Webb from the British Film Institute will provide insights into collection strategies in place there: Aside from building up its extensive film collection, as a “national film & television archive” the BFI also explicitly includes the documentation of television program history among its tasks. Other lectures, workshops and festival films will reflect on the relationship between film and television. Among varied topics, they will focus on the contribution of television stations to the traditions and mediation of film history. The commitment of ARTE/ZDF is exemplary in this respect, using newly composed music to bring today’s audiences closer to silent films shown on television and at movie theaters, and keeping the films alive in this way.


On Friday, October 26th, the awards ceremony of the "Kinopreis des Kinematheksverbundes" (a nationwide prize of the association of German cinematheques) will take place, followed by a reception. This prize is awarded to institutions, initiatives and individuals in appreciation of their commitment to film heritage and a diverse cinema culture.


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An event of the Deutsche Kinemathek for the Kinematheksverbund, in cooperation with the Fédéderation Internationale des Archives du Film (FIAF)

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