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Film:ReStored. The Film Heritage Festival

The film heritage festival “Film:ReStored” will take place for the second time at the Filmhaus on Potsdamer Platz from October 26‒29, 2017. The festival dates have been scheduled to correlate with UNESCO’s “World Day for Audiovisual Heritage” on October 27, 2017, which is also the same day that this year’s Kinopreis des Kinematheksverbundes (prize of the association of German cinematheques) will be awarded. This prize is a tribute to institutions, initiatives, as well as individuals in recognition of their contributions to cinematic heritage and a diverse film culture.


Kinopreis des Kinematheksverbundes

The Kinopreis des Kinematheksverbundes (prize of the association of German cinematheques) is annually awarded to arthouse cinemas and initiatives that place an emphasis on film and culture, in appreciation of their exceptional programs and continuous commitment towards creating a high-quality, thought-provoking and diverse cinema culture in Germany. The prizes, endowed with a grand total of €30,000, will be awarded again this fall.

A total of 20 prizes are awarded in four categories, corresponding to the main emphases of program work related to film culture – including the mediation of German and international film history, offers for children and young adults, and for a cinema’s active social engagement. Five cinemas may be selected in each category. In addition, the Lotte Eisner Prize, the top award endowed with €6000, will also be presented to a cinema that deserves special recognition for its outstanding film program or exceptional special events and individual initiatives.

The jury, responsible for selecting the prizewinners, is composed of five experts in the field, each of whom have accumulated relevant experience in the field of cultural film work. They serve as representatives from different associations of film work, and in each case are appointed to the jury for three years.

In May 2016, the following jurors were named for this jury:

Jens Schneiderheinze of the Bundesverband kommunale Filmarbeit (BkF); Anne Siegmayer of the Kinematheksverbund; Werner Fuchs of the AG Verleih; Jennifer Borrmann of the Verband der deutschen Filmkritik (VDFK); and Maren Ranzau of the Bundesverband Jugend und Film (BJF).

Additionally, an honorary prize of the Kinematheksverbund is awarded for contributions to film culture and film heritage. This prize appreciates the engagement of public personalities who commit themselves to supporting a diverse film culture and film heritage. Members of the Kinematheksverbund award the prize directly.

The awards ceremony of the Kinopreis des Kinematheksverbundes will take place on October 27, 2017 within the context of the second annual event dedicated to “Film:ReStored. The Film Heritage Festival.”


Anke Hahn, Lydia Marx

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