The Film Posters of Josef Fenneker

Database Search

The researchable database on Josef Fenneker’s film posters contains 372 posters and poster designs. The adjacent input screen makes it possible to search for a poster or film titles, printing houses (if indicated on the posters), year of origin or time period (based on the respective film), country (based on the production of the respective film), categories (e.g. film poster, event poster, poster design), for people, movie theaters and distribution companies named on the posters, as well as for keywords. The search boxes “Poster”/“Film Title” and “Person”/“Cinema”/“Film Distributor” are equipped with an autocomplete function. The search boxes can be combined with one another as desired. Only results matching all entered search terms will be displayed.

Detailed pages are accessible from the list of results, which list the inventory numbers of the individual posters, the year of origin to which a film is associated, the printing house, as well as information about technique, materials and dimensions. Moreover, the complete wording of the posters and their keywords are each recorded on the detailed pages.

The database provides filmographic information (original title, production country, direction, first release) about the films to which the posters refer. Wherever posters refer to films which are included in the Deutsche Kinemathek film distribution catalogue, the search results are linked with the database information of the Deutsche Kinemathek’s Film Distribution Service. Further information about the films as well as short synopses can be found there.

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