General Information

The Historical Film Equipment Archive is located in a warehouse on Imhoffweg in Berlin-Marienfelde. The collection includes cameras and projectors, viewing and editing consoles, as well as material on the history of film labs. More peripheral items are also collected, such as light and sound equipment, camera dollies, movie theater furnishings, company catalogues and journals on film technology.

The main areas of the collection have been indexed and photographed.

Objects are primarily available for exhibitions; selected items may also be used as props for films.

Loans for exhibitions at public institutions are free of charge; as a rule insurance and transport costs are to be expected. 

Fees for other uses vary depending on the number of pieces borrowed and for how long.


Camera Databank

Developed as a joint project by the institutions listed below, this online databank includes 850 historical film cameras found in Germany’s largest museums and collections.
The databank includes items from the following institutions:

• Deutsche Kinemathek – Museum für Film und Fernsehen Berlin
• Deutsches Filminstitut – DIF/Filmmuseum Frankfurt
• Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin
• Filmmuseum Düsseldorf
• Filmmuseum Potsdam

The idea behind pooling this information is to enable everyone interested to discover the unknown treasures hidden in these archives. Another objective is to fill in an obvious gap in the basic information available to researchers in the field of film studies – film technology is one of the least explored chapters in the history of the media.
This databank is to be regarded as a first step in a comprehensive documentation of the collections of historical film equipment in German museums. In the long term, all kinds of equipment (e.g., for film projection and processing) are to be catalogued and presented in this joint project.


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