The inventory list is intended to provide the interested public, as well as scholars and institutions, with an initial overview of the documents located in the Werner Herzog Collection and to help users to formulate their requests to the archives of the Deutsche Kinemathek.
The collection contains materials not only related to feature films and documentation, but also on opera productions and projects that were never carried out. The documents have been assigned to the respective film titles in the inventory list. The inventory is organized as follows:


1. Films by Werner Herzog: Documents related to film projects that were realized in the period from 1968–2012.

2. Film Projects that were Not Realized

3. Films Including and About Werner Herzog: Materials related to documentation about the director and his work, as well as films in which Werner Herzog played a part as an actor.

4. Opera and Theater Productions

5. Werner Herzog’s Oeuvre and His Person: Texts by and about Werner Herzog, as well as interviews, scripts, publications, and also including scholarly works and film books about his entire body of work.


Individual documents are structured under categorical terms. The following main terms have been selected:
Photos, Production Documentation and Business Records, Distribution and Advertising Materials, Festival and Performance Materials, Press and Media Reception, Music-Related Items and Varia.


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