Upcoming Exhibitions

Ken Adam, early 1970s, photo: Deutsche Kinemathek – Ken Adam Archive

Bigger Than Life. Ken Adam's Film Design

11.12.2014 to 17.05.2015

Sir Ken Adam is one of the most innovative and most influential production designers of our time. His sets for Stanley Kubrick’s DR. STRANGELOVE (1964) and the James Bond films from DR NO (1962) to MOONRAKER (1979) – all spectacular and trendsetting designs in equal measure – have written film history. In 2012, Adam, who was born in Berlin in 1921 and had to go into exile with his family in 1934, gave his entire artistic œuvre to the Deutsche Kinemathek, including more than 4000 drawings. The forthcoming exhibition takes a new look at the work of this unusual artist and designer, while also allowing Ken Adam’s creative process to come to life through multimedia presentations.

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