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Outdoor film shoot. SCHLOSS EINSTEIN (1998-2014) Foto: MDR/ Katharina Simmet

… and Action! How are Films and Television Made?

An Exhibition for Children aged 4 to 14 Years

29.05.2014 to 26.04.2015

Today, children and adolescents are constantly confronted with motion pictures, whether on the Internet, at the cinema, on television or in computer games. Meanwhile, it has also become very simple to produce one’s own movies with a mobile telephone, a digital camera or an iPhone, and then to show them among friends or to upload them to YouTube. But, how do the pros work? How is a film for the movie theaters created? What happens in a news studio? What are the processes that lead up to a news broadcast and what happens behind the scenes of a casting show? How does a green screen work? What professions are connected with film and TV productions and what skills are required? Children will learn about all of these aspects in seven sections of the exhibition where they can interact and investigate.

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